2000 Contest

Grand Prize

"The Hindenberry" by Lori Walls, Peter Starrs and John Garibaldi

The German airship Hindenburg, elevated by hydrogen and carrying a complement of merry-making passengers, is caught at the moment of its own horrific demise as it passes inadvertently over a flaming birthday cake, catches fire itself, and then crashes tragically into a bowl of milk, whereupon the flames are extinguished.

A kinetic, architectural, multimedia experience constructed of what appear to be vast quantities of Lucky Charms, Trix, Life, and Grape Nuts.

2nd Prize

"The Mighty Cthulu," by Sharman Armstrong and Erin Culley-LaChapelle

According to H. P. Lovecraft's legend, Cthulu, a large green being with the head of a giant squid, rests in a tomb in the city of R'lyeh, which sank beneath the Pacific Ocean eons ago. Cthulu is dead, but not truly dead, as he and his fellow inhabitants of R'lyeh sleep the eons away. From time to time R'lyeh comes to the surface, and Cthulu's dreams influence sensitive individuals across the globe to depict his image, slay, and found cults dedicated to him. In the past R'lyeh has sunk after a short time, but the day will soon come when it rises to the surface permanently and great Cthulu strides across a world thrown into chaos and anarchy from his telepathic sendings.

Note the birthday cake Cthulhu is bringing to the Skansonia, as well as the hapless party of doomed boaters who inadvertently cross his path.

3rd Prize

"The Eruption of Vesuvius," by Amber Hintz Himes

An ancient catastrophe of cereal proportions. Eighteen centuries later, excavations reveal that the buildings of Pompeii and Herculaneum were constructed mainly of Life, Captain Crunch, Grape Nuts and Rice Krispies, and that its streets were paved with Corn Flakes.

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