DBC Treats!

Breakfast cereal treats are back. It began in 1993, conceptually, with simple, conservative forays such as Chex Party Mix and Rice Krispie Treats. But then the endemic postmodernist pathology of the late 20th Century took hold, and the world witnessed the eruption of phenomena such as Froot Loop Meatloaf, Granola Tyrannosaurus Brownies, and Giant Pierced Trix Rabbit Ears. Over the years, even more demented offerings invaded the party -- Moses with the Ten Commandments, the Death of the Hindenburg, Fricasseed Turtle Raisin Bran, Strawberry Moose Cheerios, and Sushi Corn Flakes with Mutton Buttons. By the 21st Century, it was beyond out of control.

2008 Grand Prize Winner: Pirate Ship! by Debbie Thiel